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Wife got a new vehicle...fml

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I got a ford excursion diesel a few years back and did everything imaginable to it..the body was literally off the frame for over 3 months while I turned it into my ultimate all terrain daily driver.

My wife has always thought it was neat and liked how I can comfortably fit 8-9 adults and how high it is off the road(it’s no monster truck)

However, she never drove it!

So, we drive to Orlando and back one weekend (1000 miles each way) and she insisted on splitting the driving.

So, yesterday I get a call from her to come outside and look at her new car..she dropped a sickening amount on a brand new f250 diesel platinum FX4 with a factory lift and 35’s

My wife is only 4’10” and she had to have the salesman put my daughter and her car seat in the back because it’s too fucken high for her!

Then today I caught her looking for the big steel front and rear bumpers for it “just in case”

Here’s the bad part....she’s already trying to make me drive this damn thing so she can have my excursion!

This all happened because her Audi suv is in the shop and she disputed a warranty claim...bitch


 See what marriage gets you?


--- Quote from: Purge_WTF on August 18, 2019, 04:44:49 AM --- See what marriage gets you?

--- End quote ---
That's no shit! She woke up at 6am today to ask me about running boards so she can actually use the mother fucker.


Your wife buys a new truck without talking to you about it first?



--- Quote from: IroNat on August 18, 2019, 08:05:06 AM ---Your wife buys a new truck without talking to you about it first?


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She has her own money... really don't give a shit how she spends it.... except remodels! Because that puts my ass in a hotel for two months at a time



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