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Dorian Yates training journal

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--- Quote from: joswift on March 27, 2021, 04:06:27 AM ---I know a former 90s pro who has done exactly the same as Dorian and he has his steroid courses in them.
His last pro show was 300mgs test prop and 200mgs tren A a week, no diretics or fat burners.

Its in his journals, all his courses are in them, he wouldnt write down something that wasnt true.

I would imagine Dorians were not that different , more probably but I know someone who talked with Dorian backstage at the 88 British when he got his pro card, he was only taking test and 2 parabolon a week back then..

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Shit. ;D

You are WAY smarter than that dude.

And Lee Priest was on 200mg of Deca a week with 30mg of Winny per day. :D


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