Author Topic: How can I get on welfare.  (Read 23793 times)


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Re: How can I get on welfare.
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That bro science figures. I used your social security and medicare figures of 13%. Sounds like the crap AARP puts out. Look at your yearly tax return for social security tax paid. If you want to say your employer would pay you more if they weren't taxed that could be a valid point. What removes that point is that you assume you would be paying that raise in your salary into social security if your employer wasn't. 


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Re: How can I get on welfare.
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You are so on target here. When an employer figures the cost of an employee they calculate all of this into the total cost of each and every employee. Anyone who, like I have, has bargained employee salaries, knows this. It is not as if this is some add on cost of having employees that your employer didn't account for. Think of it as a pie. Whatever employees cost in salary, taxes and benefits is a piece of that pie. Profits are another piece of the pie.

My SSI is almost at $1,600 a month. I paid into this system for approximately 50 years. I honestly don't believe I am the one breaking the system. My wife's SSD is just under $1,200 a month and she paid into it the better part of 40 years. Gawd, I feel really sorry for those baby boomers! Both my wife and I missed being in this category by a smidgen.

Ya its just an accounting scam that imop the government loves to use so it looks like they're taking less from the employee. And it keeps the employers and employees divided some what.


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Re: How can I get on welfare.
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CO2 poisoning due to enlarged tonsils. Had them removed I'm in the process of getting my licenses back, however I got a feeling seeking out diagnosis might get in the way.

Apparently it's called hypercapnia or some shit can't remember the exact words the doc used it was a while ago.

If you're in St. Johns this is the # to call


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Re: How can I get on welfare.
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To make it easier, the employer is paying 6% social security on your behalf and 1.4% medicare on your behalf. Those % numbers are not seen on your pay stub because they are numbers your employer used to base your salary off of and they're paying.  If an employer didn't have to pay into social security and medicare on your behalf, your salary SHOULD be approx. 7.4% higher than it is. However the government knows that a lot of employers wouldn't pay higher salaries so they go after the money directly. Its just an accounting scam the government has in place. And employers like to bitch about because they want employees to think they're actually paying it and not you. Employers and the government are both in on the scam. And if and employer isn't taking it to account that he has to pay about 6% social security and 1.4 medicare for each employee and adjusting salaries accordingly, that guy shouldn't be allowed to have a business...

Spot on.

Anyone stupid enough not to understand this i am actually envious of