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Title: Your best split
Post by: krazyweels on March 24, 2018, 12:32:47 PM
As a natural competitor, I always did the typical bro split. Training body parts once per week. Did this for 22 years. Had much success, gaining two natural pro cards. Has anyone tried a PPL or upper/lower routine?? Or a full body 3x per week routine that would be superior?? I believe everything will work, especially if the diet is dialed in. Tell me your experiences. Thanks...
Title: Re: Your best split
Post by: oldtimer1 on March 25, 2018, 08:17:56 PM
I used everything in the course of 40 plus years of training. So many ways to skin a cat. In spite of what some say about full body routines being a beginner method it's actually the hardest way to train. Include an exercise or two for each body part and it's a killer. I find splits to be an easier way to train. Having said that I made the fastest gains on whole body routines. I just can't stay on it more than a couple of weeks before workouts become complete hell.

Now my main split is basically Monday: Back and chest; Wednesday: legs and Friday: Delts and arms. Off days are for running and heavy bag work.  I use 3 to 4 exercises a body part and after warm up do 2 sets to failure.  I don't compete and have never competed. Complete life time natural. In terms of athletics I was a sprinter in my college years and boxed for a short time. After 4 wins and 1 loss I decided I didn't like getting punched in the face. ;D My one loss was my first fight in the ring. The guy beat me like I was a dog that pissed on the carpet. I learned a lot after that fight.

Starting tomorrow I'm going to do a Yates inspired 4 way split with 1 set to failure after warm up. Doing these short workouts so I can devote more time to cardio for awhile. Hopefully the one set to failure will retain muscle as I lose weight.