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Blood work knowledge & HCG's effect on HPTA

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Captain Equipoise:
Excellent post, a must read for all newbs.

this helps so much thanks


--- Quote from: STANG50 on January 27, 2007, 09:34:57 AM ---To get your bloodwork done you should see a urologist right ? What is the best dr to see for a general exam ? Thanks ahead of time and gj on this post.

--- End quote ---

You can see a general practice doctor to get blood work done, doesn't have to be a specialist.

very informative thank u


Thanks for this information...

Its just very different to how ive been told to use HCG. I have basic understanding of all of this so insight would always be appreciated.

In the past I would normally start HCG 1 week after a long acting ester. At 1500iu and then continue to take 1500iu every 5th day  for 3 consecutive weeks. On the 15 day after the final shot of HCG I would start Clomid 100mg for first 4 day followed by 50mg for another 10 days. I would use Nolva through out.

My understanding was a higher dose of HCG  (5000IU) was more detrimental to starting natural test production than an aid and one should rather use 500iu -1500iu. Also that they are long term negative side effect in using higher dosages of HCG. I read this a long long time ago but will see if I can find it.

Also when you shoot your HCG do you shoot it sub or muscle?

Thanks in advance.


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