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great board thanks and heres a few wrestling stories


this is a great board.

i have a few stories

the city i live in hulk hogan used to live in back in the day-well my grandmother tells me she used to see hulk in the grocery store. and my friend would see hulk getting a sandiwch in the deli by his house. all the neighborhood kids would always try to peek in his house. and whenever a limo would pick him up he have a crowds around it

then like 3 years ago i was driving down by the wwe headquarters and i saw a big dude ride by on a huge motorcycle. and i was like omg thats vince mcmahon!
so i turned around and caught up to him and was behind him and he was talking to a car next to him.
well the light turned he turned left the bike was loud-he blew through 2 red lights and when he rode by the wwe building he raised his fist and flew on the interstate.

mass 04:
Welcome Gene!! Glad to have you here and thanks for the story.


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