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Karl Kox:
Managers in wrestling are almost non existint any more.  Post you favorite.
Mine and to me the best is
Bobby Heenan


original trio wwf and skaaland,but yes heenan was tremendous really,really sold his hate for hogan like it ate him up when his guy was being beaten by hulk like bundy wrestlemania 1 cage match heenan dove in to save bundy and got ass kicked at least in wrestling world ass kicked.or when he became commentator more all anti hogan talk.he was great the weasel.

elizabeth! but i would go with bobby the brain, he's the best "Heel" manager.

Karl Kox:
                               Mr. Fuji was great also



I wish they'd start to use managers more again, although with all the wage cuts at the moment it's highly unlikely.  There are a lot of guys with excellent wrestling ability, but lack a bit of charisma/mic skills, who could be taken to another level with a good manager working with them.


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