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Q: I watched an old match the other day between Hulk Hogan and Brock Lesnar. Lesnar squashed Hogan. Hogan didnít even throw a punch. I was wondering what your thoughts are on having someone like Hogan who is by far WWEís biggest Draw lose a match in that way just to push someone who wasnít that over at the time? I think anyone should do a Job at any given time if itís to benifit the buisness. But a complete squash though?

A: Hogan was no where near the biggest draw in WWE at the time of that match, but that really isntí the point. WWE was making Brock the next big thing and putting him over on Hogan made sense. Hogan is Hogan and so established that the day after that match he was still th esame draw he would ahve been before the lose and Brock gained a ton by beating Hogan. I donít recall the exact match but I know on some occasions (this may or may not be one of those) when a guy doesnít want to do a job and is in a position where he has to, that he often just says screw it and gets squashed so itís a nothing match and they have to put in very little effort. Buff and Luger did this for Palumbo and Ohare in WCW on PPV once. They wouldnít even get up and leave the ring after the match, they just laid there dead. WCW had to cut to a back stage video to give extra time for them to get out of the ring.


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