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Welcome To The Wrestling Board !


Karl Kox:
First we need to all thank Ron for giving us this board.

I hope everyone here contributes and enjoys it as much as I will.
If you have any ideas on how to make this place better please PM me.
For anyone that does not know my father is retired Pro Wrestler Killer Karl Kox.
I have lots of cool stories that I will share and lots of cool pics I will post as soon as my scanner is working.
If anyone has any questions about the wrestling Industry just ask If I can not answer them I know my old man can.
 I will try to decide on the other mods shortly.

Have fun and enjoy !

Karl Kox:
decided to give the other Mod Spot to Mass 04.  I think he will contribute well here .   Congrats Mass.
Maybe we will have one more Mod in the future.


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