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Who's gonna win the Rumble ?


Who's gonna win this Sunday?  And why?

I'm thinking either Jericho/Orton due to the recent events with the McMahons, to start a feud building to Wrestlemania.

Also I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Christian Cage make a return at some point during the Rumble, although I couldn't see them giving him a big win on his return to the company.

mass 04:
I agree with Orton. I really hope it's not HHH, and he's one of my top 10 favorites of all time.

Nordic Beast:
that boot to the head Orton gave McMahon the other night looked great-----it really looked like he nailed him

I know he glanced it off the side of his head but it still make McMahon's head snap around

Was that McMahon selling it or was it just a good blow?? (I enjoyed that scene thoroughly)

Karl Kox:


--- Quote from: Karl Kox on January 23, 2009, 02:06:47 PM ---Orton

--- End quote ---

Do you think that Orton could win, and then McMahon overturns the decision cos of the head punt?  That could be an interesting twist.


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