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Whatever happened to Orville Burke, he took the NOC a few years ago and hasn't been seen since.  He was a nice guy, met him when he was with Iron Tek.

I don't know the details as it is on the other board but he was/is in the Hospital in a coma not sure if it was Bodybuilding related or not but if you do a search for his name you will see all discussions on him.

Thanks for the info.

Where Orville Burke is now who knows, there is absolutely no information about him after the fact.  Some suggestions by somebody saying that they had heard that "he was just waiting for the ok from the doctor to compete again" but aside from that rumour absolutely nothing.

His website still (presumably) is doing business but there is absolutely no real information on how he is doing.  Unfortunately this somewhat gives creedence to the comments by perhaps those who knew the situation that he would never be the same again after it happened.

Thanks for the info!


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