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WWE Universal Championship - Roman Reigns (c) vs. Seth "Freakin'" Rollins (Usos barred from ringside):

Since when does The Tribal Chief start curtain-jerking?? This does not bode well!!

NO...HE...DIDN'T!!! Seth Rollins is using the SHIELD music and heading to the ring through the crowd, in black military gear. And Reigns is as rattled as can be. Why do I get the feeling that Lesnar was supposed to beat Reigns just short of Reigns' breaking Lesnar's record as longest-running Universal champion? But, Roman got the 'Rona and missed Day One.

So, it looks as if the Visionary is poised to decapitate the Head of the Table. Rollins is all smiles, looking as Reigns and muttering, "you look like you've seen a ghost. Reigns can't sustain any offense, as Rollins slips out of his holds and hits two dives while Reigns is on the floor.

The Champ nails Rollins as he jumps back into the ring, followed by a "Drive-By" dropkick. But, when Reigns attempts a Superman punch, using the ring steps for extra height, he gets kicked in the gut and......BLAM!!! A POWERBOMB into the announce table!! Now, McAfee and Cole have nowhere to sit.

Incidentally, there are only three other non-Rumble Matches slated tonight:

WWE World Championship - Brock Lesnar (c) w/Paul Heyman vs. "The Almighty" Bobby Lashley w/MVP: I personally think this would have much more heat if Lashley won the Rumble and picked Lesnar as his 'Mania foe. But, this "dream match" may main-event this whole shindig, instead of one of the Rumble matches.

I don't see Lesnar and Reigns both retaining or both losing tonight. So....UPSET SPECIAL!!! Paul Heyman causes one of them to keep or lose his title. I'm leaning toward him helping Reigns, since the Usos are barred from ringside.

Oh, the other non-Rumble match....

Mixed Tag-Team Match - Edge and Beth Phoenix vs. The Miz and Maryse: Miz has suffered long enough from his week-long WWE title reign to his embarrassing loss to Bad Bunny and Damien Priest at WM37. I say give him a break, though it'll likely be Maryse scoring the fall on Phoenix.

Raw Women's Championship - Becky Lynch (c) vs. Doudrop: Yawn!! Big Time Becks vs. Bertha Faye 2.0. I'm sure Lynch will hook the ropes again for another pin. But not before her challenger hits a Yokozuna-style banzai drop.

Back to the Universal title match....Rollins tosses Reigns into the ring and hits a frog splash but gets a two-count. Rollins goes for a Phoenix splash; Reigns moves but Rollins rolls through. The champ goes for a spear but gets kicked in the gut and hoisted up for a "buckle bomb", followed a forearm to the head and the CURB STOMP. Here comes the cover and.....AAAAH!!!! Reigns barely, and I mean barely escapes the pin fall.

Another attempt stomp, after WAAAAY too much taunting, gets the Visionary clotheslined for his effort. Now Reigns is up and angry after pounding Rollins into the mat. He returns the power bomb favor (minus the table) and gets two. Reigns is even angrier and Rollins is laughing; it's more head games from the Revolutionary. 

After more forearms into Rollins' face, OOPS!!! The Tribal Chief is in a triangle choke!!! But another powerbomb ends that sequence.

The Head of the Table tosses his former Shield brother to the post, then into the barricade, and finally into the ring steps. Now, the Universal Champion, blackened left eye and all, is poised to end the bout. After a superman punch and a near-fall, it's outside the ring for a SPEAR!! Now, after tossing the Mr. Freakin' back inside the ring, he's getting riled up, which means.....Tribal Scream, Spear attempt, and some form of counter by the challenger.

In this case, shades of 2016, it's Rollins hitting a pedigree as Reigns charges him. But, unlike 2016, Rollins doesn't get the 1-2-3.

But, now he gets hyped and is doing the "Burn It Down" stomp, to cue up his finisher. Chance are, he'll get speared or punched. Lots of counters until Reigns finally hits the spear inside the ring. But, he doesn't make the quick cover and Rollins starts laughing at him, to Reigns' utter shock. Now, he wants to do the Shield fist. And Reigns looks confused/enraged but is just marching around the ring.

Now, the champion hooks the guillotine. Rollins fights but goes limp. The referee checks his arms and actually end up helping the Visionary hook the ropes to force the break.

OH COME ON!!! Reigns refuses to release the hold and GETS DISQUALIFIED!!!!

Now, he goes psycho, starts talking to himself, and gets medieval on Rollins with two chairs. The champion walks away but Rollins limps to his feet and laughs.

Now, it's the women's Rumble Match. Maybe Belair goes back-to-back and faces Flair at 'Mania. Or perhaps Rhea Ripley in a rematch from two years ago.

Well, we had a Melina sighting at #2. But, that didn't last long. Sasha Banks (#1) got rid of her. Then a Kelly Kelly sighting.

Cameron of the Funkadactyls was #13. She got eliminated by Sonya Deville, who sat at ringside until Corey Graves told her that Cameron was Naomi's tag partner. Naomi appeared next at #14. She got rid of Deville. Charlotte Flair (SD women's champ) was #17. Ivory, in her Right-To-Censor gear did a quick entrance and exit.

Molly Holly, as "Might Molly" got jumped by Nikki A.S.H. and thrown in and out of the Rumble. The only legends that made a good showing were Lita and Mrs. Deadman (Michelle McCool). I take that back. The Bellas did some damage. Brie appeared first (with the audience breaking out the "Yes" chants).

BIGGEST SHOCKER!!!! Ronda Rousey showed up at #28.....and she WINS IT after the showdown with Charlotte Flair who knocked out Rhea Ripley and last year's winner, Bianca Belair.

Now it's WWE World title time!!!

Lesnar delivers a Suplex. But, WHOA!! Lashley returns the favor. And Brock smiles!! "Not bad" he chimes.

Lesnar delivers two more in succession. Lashley resorts to punching and kicking. Lesnar gets another Suplex, goes for an F-5; The Almighty escapes and hits a spear. He hits another spear (after getting his lip busted) and Lesnar goes to the floor.

Lashley went for the spear through the barricade but Lesnar moves and points to his head, saying he's outsmarted his challenger. An F-5 attempt ends up with Lesnar getting rammed into the post. Lashley throws Lesnar into the ring but missed another spear and hit the post.

Five suplexes later, Lesnar goes for the F-5 again....OOPS!! HURT LOCK!!! Lesnar is fading. But, slightly before going out, Lesnar squishes Lashley into the corner. Unfortunately, the referee got caught as well. With another Hurt Lock attempt, Lashley gets caught and planted with the F-5....but, just like Crown Jewel, the Beast threw his opponent into the referee and no three count.

As Lesnar stands and looks to inflict more pain, he gets speared again....BY ROMAN REIGNS!!! The Tribal Chief then looks down to a frightened Paul Heyman. Reigns extends his hand and Heyman hands him the world title belt. Reigns uses it to crack Lesnar in the skull. The Almighty goes for the cover, after he and MVP look in shock, and WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION. And Heyman leaves the ring with the Universal Champion, leaving the Beast motionless and title-less.

A lot went wrong with this rumble from the huge "Royal Rumble" sign in the arena catching on fire unbenownst to ppl, Ronda Rousey being off in timing due to being off so long, to Kofi screwing up his spot during the rumble match itself. This event was graded an "F" over all for delivering. 

- Seth wearing the Shield getup to play mind games on Roman was pretty cool. They had a pretty good match.
- Paul Heyman turning on Brock was inevitable and predictable as those two ran their course. Plus, Roman needs a mouth pc.
- Brock entering himself in the actual rumble match and winning was unexpected. I'm guessing he will challenge Roman for the Smackdown title at WM to have the big fight we were supposed to see last PPV with Roman having to sit out due to Covid exposure.
- Rousy looked a bit clumsy in the ring but i'm sure she will be more polished come WM. Right now the dirt sheets have her challenging Charlotte Flair as they matched well in the last PPV they wrestled when they went 30 min and Charlotte got DQ'd. Charlotte is way better in the ring than Lynch whom the ppl are noticebly getting tired of.


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