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"Razor Ramon" Scott Hall has heart attack and taken off life support

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--- Quote from: MCWAY on April 26, 2022, 09:16:28 PM ---So you don't think McMahon would have made Razor the WWF Champion, especially after Warrior got suspended/fired?

To me, if you still have "The Bad Guy", who was almost as popular as HBK, you don't bring back Sid.

--- End quote ---
Scott Hall was good but I wouldn't have put the big belt on him. He would make more money and fill more houses chasing the belt.

     Regardless of what you think of Hall, he had the most difficult finish in WWE history. The Razors Edge was without question the most difficult finish to execute, especially with heavier opponents. Hogan had the ease of a bullshit leg drop, HHH simply fell to his knees for the "pedigree". Even Jake Roberts "DDT" was basically just falling down. Easy as fuck to execute. Jake was pulling the DDT off while high on crack and booze, barely able to stand up in the later days on cheap independent circuits.
     But Scott Hall chooses a move that requires such raw strength, balance, and SO many things that could go wrong, it's a ballsy move.  No one in WWE history took such a chance with a finisher. Snuka with crazy top rope jumps, or Mankind doing crazy punishment to himself is similar, but knowing a finish is coming where you will have to raw lift a 200 + lb. man, like a power clean, then balance him behind your neck for the drama, is simply an AMAZING athlete that is taking a great risk to further his career.  What if you can't get him up? You got tired from the match?  WTF do you do?  You'll get laughed at with some bullshit small package pin. Hall was a legend.  He didn't have to do the move on bigger guys once he got established, but to take such a chance with the hardest finish ever to "make it" required some real dedication and courage. And then the psychology? Do you notice all the guys put in the Razors Edge make a point of extending their arms? Part is for balance, but the wrestlers talk and plan the match before, and this was a metaphoric crucifixion. You were being sacrificed by the move. Hall was working on a different level.


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