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Tad proofing the drivegate fence

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Any ideas on how to Tad proof the drivegate?  He can squeeze out the space where the 2 connect. 

  My lil baby tater who at work doesn't even let me go to the bathroom without going with me was just down the street!   :o    Taking a little jaunt. 

  Chicken wire attached to one gate so that when it shuts it extends out over the other one? 

chicken wire will work, pretty inexpensive too.  or you can stick a giant funnel around his head so he couldn't squeeze through the opening

Is it a yard where you go through every day or can you do something like this?


 It's the 2 gates that go across the driveway that I have to open and shut to get my car out.  So there is a space where they latch that he squeezes through.

  Chicken wire is probably the cheapest and easiest, will look like crap though. I was putting a garbage can in front of it, but it can blow over in wind, and that looks crappy too.   :P  It has to be stiff enough too because it will only be attached to one gate and have to overlap to the over one to cover the hole.

  I just can't believe he has a fit if I go down the hall at work, he has to know where I am at all times, yet he will go down the driveway and down the street by himself!!   >:(

 Like this, (but not as tall)


Go here..

It was all i could find to give you a solution to your problem instead of that crappy looking chicken fence... ;)


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