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Low-carb diet dangers.

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 Long story short, I've been following a reduced-carb diet for the past several months but was alarmed by several online articles about the potential for electrolyte loss that's sometimes associated with it. That's something I'd like to avoid, especially since I work in an environment where it gets hot innthe warmer months. Will I be okay as long as I stay out of ketosis?

 Thanks in advance.

I am in no way dispensing advice - medical, or otherwise.
Iím simply stating what I know and do:

Looking at this from a combination electrolyte-loss and dehydration perspective...

Carbs result in water retention. Without them, sodium becomes the next practical medium for that. For what itís worth, Palumbo advocates adjusting (increasing) sodium intake to offset carb absence/reduction.

Iíve done a very strict keto diet several times. I also use a generous amount of salt on and in my foods. Consequently, I perspire at hyperhydrosis levels, although Iíve never been formally diagnosed with the condition.

Iíve NEVER experienced critical electrolyte depletion levels.

Nonetheless, I invested in a supply of Nuun tablets for my hot weather summer keto rounds. If you are concerned about electrolyte deficiencies, you may wish to consider researching them a bit:

Years ago, steel mill workers used to eat salt candies to replenish what they lost through excessive sweating on the job. Nuun tablets work along similar lines, albeit a little more sophisticated in formula than their Great Depression-era counterparts.

I hope my account and information above is at least somewhat useful to you.

I'm more concerned with carbs, they lead to diabetes and cancer, beware, a low carb diet is always better

 Thanks for the detailed post, Montague. I just ordered a container of Dr. Bergís Electrolyte Powder off Amazon; that should help.

 From what I've read, it's ketosis that causes potential electrolyte problems. Will I be "safer" if I consumed 100 or so carbs?


--- Quote from: Sexybeast777 on February 01, 2018, 05:44:53 PM ---I'm more concerned with carbs, they lead to diabetes and cancer, beware, a low carb diet is always better

--- End quote ---

Actually ..... its HIGH FAT diets = cancer


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