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KETO for Athletes - A Rant

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Respectfully, yours seems to be the old, conventional thinking.  New research is beginning to show the exact opposite, that fat is a far better fuel source for any athlete, it seems.  Some elite athletes have actually known this for a while, but kept it a secret because it gives them a competitive edge over the multitudes who still go by the old, conventional thinking regarding this. While very high consumption of carbs has given elite athletes the energy they need for training and competition, it also leads to insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver, and other issues in elite athletes over time.

That is great. I love reading posts in which people are continuing to learn and tweak thier diets to individualize it for the lifestyle they lead and the goals they have.
I listened to an interesting episode of the 2keto dudes They interviewed the author of the book “The Salt Fix” and he had some incredible information about salt that might help you make the right changes for your running efforts

Jesus fuck am I the only one who just eats what he wants when he wants if you are working out go ahead and enjoy a fucking cookie


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