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Yeah, She Squats!!!!!!

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Big Daddy Caine:

Big Daddy Caine:
We know Carla doesn't miss leg day,  can't say the same thing for him though.


Big Daddy Caine:


--- Quote from: Taffin on January 16, 2022, 03:55:54 AM ---Wow :o  That conditioning is simply astonishing!  I know people come to this thread to look, rather than chat, but just a quick observation - I remember first seeing striated glutes on (I think) Renel Janvier, so maybe 25-30 years ago.  Now all male competitors have them as standard, and a lot of women have them too.  I wonder where we'll be in 2052?!?

--- End quote ---

I think I still have the magazine with Renel Janvier and his shredded glutes.  LOL.  Dead serious.


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