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More Epic Faggotry by: SF1900

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not really, just a little bit nothing excessive


--- Quote from: Henda on July 01, 2018, 09:27:10 AM ---No nothing never will

--- End quote ---

You should buy this for Vince Goodrum, CSN, MFT, HPP, CEO. You get one, Vince gets the other.

i  sweat alot due to genes.. even when i was much thinner as a teen id always sweat(nobody wanted to guard me during basketball when we played "shirts and skins").. so i don't wear jewelry for that reason.. i wish i could.. i wish i could  wear the gifts my friends/family have given me over the years, jewelry wise... i know it cost them quite a bit of money..but i just irritates me(feels like i cant breath/cool off)..  i just give them away to my close friends as freebees

Stainless steel Prince Albert Wedding Ring

sync pulse:
Edit: If you want your quartz watch to keep the best time...never take it off except to shower, or do things like wash dishes.  This keeps the temperature of the timepiece constant.


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