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Puppy Mills.  The majority of puppies you see in pet stores come from puppy mills. I can't say every puppy mill is a place of horror, but a good number of them are.  Don't buy a dog at a pet store and pass information on to other people on what they are encouraging to continue if they do buy from a pet store. 

The Animal Welfare act was passed to enforce regulation on the care and conditions in large scale breeding facilities (puppy mills).  The USDA is the enforcer of those regulations.   Under Mandatory Spaying and Neutering Bills trying to be passed, Puppy Mills would be exempt, meaning they will have free reign to breed, and to breed more with the opportunities opened up by RESPONSIBLE breeders becoming fewer and fewer. 

  Click and read the following links to learn the truth about puppy mills and what is allowed to go on and will still be legal to go on in the wake of altering laws. Do a search on "puppy mills" and you will find links and links and links.

  Puppy Mill Awareness Day, September 15, 2007


Click every day to donate pet food:

  Click to feed the hungry:

   Click to help fund mammograms:

 (If anyone has any other sites that you can click daily and companies donate please pm them to me and I will add them)


--- Quote from: ~flower~ on July 27, 2007, 12:10:11 PM ---This is a thread for posting both resources and suggestions on how you can make a difference in stopping animal abuse.

We hope to add links for specific animal issues as well as what official agencies abuse/neglect should be reported to.   This is for both individual cases and bigger entities such as pet stores or puppy mills. 

We have a few people on this board that have been or are currently involved in rescuing and dealing with abuse cases and I hope they will contribute their expertise on ways we can all make a difference.   :)

This is not a thread for posting individual cases or stories.  Please do not post stories from the news about actual cases.  If you think or know about an animal in need but are not sure how to handle helping that animal or who to contact, posting that to get suggestions is fine.  We would like to try and keep this an information thread though.

--- End quote ---
Found this article on the internet. Often criminals start off being cruel to animals. Thought this interesting.

Radical Plato:


--- Quote from: E-Kul on February 07, 2013, 04:33:51 AM ---OSCARS LAW

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Good post.

Totally agree. People should be shot who treat animals like this. Barbaric bastards.


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