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Pit Bull Puppy Gets Adopted Cats After His Mom Tries To Eat Him


Princess L:

Nicolas lost three of his siblings to his mother when he was just days old. She had begun to eat him as well, but was only able to remove his paw before someone found and saved him.

He requires daily bandage changes and feedings three times a day, but the cats keep him clean, warm, and loved as they snuggle the days away. This pup is turning into quite the lovable little nugget, and we hope weíll be lucky enough to watch him grow up.

Awhh. That's a lovely puppy, bless the soul who saved him.

Why does a dog eat itís young?


--- Quote from: Irongrip400 on November 11, 2018, 03:28:53 AM ---Why does a dog eat itís young?

--- End quote ---

Because the dog is hungry.

Many animals eat their young if they can, particularly males.  Sharks eat their young.

Animals do not have morals or ethics.  They are motivated only by survival instincts.

Humans are not much better.  They kill each other all the time.  What can we expect from lesser animals?

When this puppy grows up he'll kill those cats or some neighbor's dog if not the neighbor or owner themselves.

Humans anthropomorphise animal behavior.  In truth the cat or dog "loves" you because you feed it.

Humble Narcissist:
That puppy will eat that cat when it get older.


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