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California law to ban/exterminate Pit Bulls

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these breed restriction laws are really fucked up...i know miami and denver have bans on pits already...anyone who has had a pit knows what a great dog they are...i'm not from cali but you can still sign this petition to stop sb861...


pisses me off.Pits are the best looking dogs in the world.

They imposed a ban on pit bulls here in Ontario.

Pet owners who currently have pits are allowed to keep them, but they must be spayed / neutered, and muzzled at all times when out of the home. No new pit bulls are allowed into the province.

Just before the ban went into effect, alot of pit owners gave up their dogs to the Humane Society, reasoning it would be too much of a hassle to keep them, ...and at the same time, alot of others went out of their way to adopt these animals from the Humane Society, to ensure they wouldn't be "put down" after the ban went into effect.

They should ban bad owners.


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