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My New Approach With Hanky

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I'm blown away by how far he has fallen in life. I feel genuinely sorry for him, not kidding. To go from looking like a superhero awesome dude who bangs dimes while living the life, looking like he does now with his shitty life....I feel pure pity for him. If I ever bother him again or anyone related to him, the mods should boot me off getbig. The last thing he needs is getting beaten down more when clearly life has brutalized him. Gawd damn this pic

everything has shrunk apart from his head
I cant wait for him to try and explain why he thinks he looks the same or better than he used to

I sense a total avoidance of the post

Bobble Head Of Peace  LOL  ;D

Age catches us all.

Heís a little bigger and drier in the first photo but I donít think heís that far off.  A beard and close cropped haircut would be a wise choice too


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