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Fast Food Contingency Plan

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Sir William Idol:

--- Quote from: Maxxx Testosterone on May 05, 2005, 02:30:51 PM ---What a f**kin Stupid question.

Someone who say that he is serious about bodybuilding ask this???

You know ... when you are serious about BBING you ALWAYS bring a cooler with loads of foods and suppl with you. Everywhere you go. You go to school ... get your cooler, you go to work ... get your cooler, you go hanging out ... bring your cooler. Every f**kin where you go you go with your food prepared with you.

240 , my best advice is that you cant live without going somewhere knowing that you can have all you meals with you. A restaurant is a restaurant and that mean crap that cost lot of money.

--- End quote ---

i bet as a father you'll make for some very happy children one day....


I'm still loving it!


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