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--- Quote from: davie on October 20, 2005, 02:46:12 PM ---Its weird ur hingrier wen eating mainly protein. B/c wen i eat things like pasta my body burns it up realy quick,im stuffed for like an hourthen real hungry again.
Im on high protein/mo to low carb bulking diet, slowly upping everything, mayb try upping your protein portions at each meal if ur hungry too quickly after eating.


--- End quote ---

Pay no attention to his diet.
  You need to eat more complex carbs, like the whole grained versions of pasta and rice. Especially the hours after your rugby training.
  Throughout the day, try to eat plenty of complex carbs, veggies and proteins. Make sure to eat some healthy fats, a tea spoon of flax oil will get you the Omega-3you need for the day.
  Finally, avoid white sugar altogether, and only eat fast carbs (with some good protein) directly after training.

...but you already knew all this ;)


That i did bro, thnks anyway. im slowly but surely try to up my portions, and keep plenty veggies etc in my diet.

I like the challenges tho, trying to get bigger and musclier (spelling, im so sorry) while also improving my speed/fitness for rugby.
Its sounds daft but i am actually managing to do all of them. Im heavier/stronger and more powerful this season+faster. and i ahve a good natural fitness which i have noticed has also improved.

So my muscles are getting bigger (so the bodybuilding side is working), and i am getting fitter/faster (rugby training side is working).

It takes time and alot of hard work but i love every minute of it, and i know that putting the work in the kitchen and in training....yields results!!



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