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How to feel fuller

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3-grain pasta is your friend. It has around 12g of protein n 100 grams too, and less carbs than rice (of any kind, I believe).

The Master:
Ask Slippydick and I'm sure he'll give you an answer he's familiar with ;)

Camel Jockey:
Drink Arizona sugarfree green tea every hour or sugarfree kool-aid. That's what I always do and it seems to help me with my carb/sugar cravings.

try adding in a little more unsaturated fats. I need to add those to my diet anyway but thats just my body and everyone is different. i find if i eat a lot of protein and many times a day after a few day i have trouble being satisfied too unless i start adding a little fat like flax or olive oils.

You need some fat in your diet to slow down the absorbtion of everything you are eating. A scoop of PB works for me or some Flax Seed oil.


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