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2 weeks ago I started eating this stuff as the main carb souce in my diet.  I have notice a decent increase in strength, and no bodyfat accumulation.  I read somewhere that this is the only grain in the world with a complete protein profile.  It has a good amount of fiber and it tastes goods without anything on it.  How come this stuff is not more widely used.

big E:
where do you get it? and is it expensive? thanks.

It's one of those grains that just hasn't hit mainstream mentality yet.  People are not used to using this grain and only those that eat cous cous regularly are ones that try Quinoa.  It is a very good grain and easy to prepare.  Goes really good as a filler in a salad.  It is also good when made with chicken stock for extra flavor.  It is relatively cheap, and can be found at most large chain supermarkets.  You can get it at organic markets but the cost is higher there.

Princess L:

--- Quote from: hangclean on September 12, 2005, 12:11:32 PM --- How come this stuff is not more widely used?

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Since this grain is still a relatively new one, at least to the American market, you're most likely to find it in health-food and specialty stores. Large supermarkets often stock quinoa, too

Is it high GI or moderate/low?

If it was low GI i would consider it, otherwise i see no reason...

Princess, you seem to know your stuff about food, maybe you can give me some links or some info about how to lower the insulin response to a meal, or about low GI food.
( i dont need another GI index, i can find those myself, just some more detailled info).
I eat a lot of bread, and a lot of carbs too. I'm thinking about saving my insulin peaks for post-workout...


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