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wanna be huge:
hi mates,
im planning to reach my target of consuming 300 cals of milk through food and less supplements.
so as cant eat and effort a lot of chicken ,was wondering if i can consume 2 litres of milk every day.
the milk to be consumed is gonna be skimmed .
with 99.5% fatfree, 31 grams protein and 49carbs and 1200mg calcium per LITRE.

i am planning to add itto my bulking diet (without getting fat, rest all foods clean) with breakfast+with lunch+bfore sleep.(none to be mixed with whey)

so is it healthy ?
will i get complete protiens?
will this make me fat?

and is the timings OK??

Not sure I'd want to drink a litre of milk before bed. For starters you're gonna be getting up to pee at some point, which is just annoying. Besides that, that is alot of carbs to be consuming at that time and is probably not an optimal solution.

Have you considered adding powdered milk to milk products instead of using whey? It'll add some protein to the mix and "thickens" up the milk. It's not a bad option. Especially considering the money saved over supplements.

wanna be huge:
im not gonna have 1 litre at a time, will be dividing it the whole day!

milk is good for bulking mayne..

wanna be huge:
bulking fat free???

am trying to add basil seeds and vermecelli to milk


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