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I was wondering the pros and cons of using fish oil.  I just bought Fish Oil COncentrate capsules from COstco.  The Kirkland brand.  They are 1000mg of concentrated fish oil, 300mg of Omega-3 Fatty aicds.  Is this good or okay.  How many do I take. Is there any other allot better than these.  These only cost $8.99 for 400 capsules.  I am taking 8 a day 4 in morning 4 at night.

I think you mean, 1000mg of fish oil, and it recommends 3 daily on the bottle. The EPA/DHA amount is 120/180mg I believe, so essentially 300mg's of Omega 3's per cap. I would shoot for 2-3gms of the EPA/DHA a day, more than that an you risk some blood thinning, possible toxicity from metals, depending on the brand.

Sam's and Costco are both brands that have to meet certain standards because of the type of stores its being sold in, so you know you're actually getting what's on the label. I use the vitamin shoppe brand, its more concentrated (500mg of EPA/DHA total per cap), distilled, and has a small amount of vit. E. I don't believe the Costco kind has vit. E, but its not like its hard to supplement.

try this link for a previous post from Flower.  It is very good and should answer most of your questions.


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