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Any Chihuahua owners here?

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--- Quote from: ToxicAvenger! on July 27, 2006, 06:35:58 AM ---
its like he's asking "pardon me, do you have any grey poupon"?  :)

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what's this one saying Toxy?


for some reason "the flight of the valkyries" plays in my head when i look at that pic!  :)

Yo flower....bought my wife 2 females (sisters) for her b day in may .
They were born in march their like 4 months old now.
Its a three ring circus at my house these days.
The coolest thing about having them is that they use a liter box!!
They were pretty easy to train too
We got a few books about them....they been to the vets a few times already for their shots .
They got their nails clipped twice and got their first bath the other day
Mimi and Sasha said hi   :)


--- Quote from: jmt1 on July 27, 2006, 06:24:56 AM ---i think they are vicious beasts and should be banned.... ;Djk

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Imagine if pits or rottys had the mind of a chihuahua? We would all be fucked!!!!

Jk... Good luck with the new pup flower. Frankie just got neutered. I was torn since he is such a good example of a AB. But he was getting hump happy lol.


--- Quote from: ~flower~ on July 27, 2006, 07:44:30 AM --- Emmett never got hump happy.   Not with toys or other dogs, cept when Addie went into heat before he was fixed, then he stopped eating for 3 days and was obsessed with her!   Briona my 1/2 dane is the alpha dog and will hump the other 2.   ::)    One time Addie did it to Emmet and Bri came and did it to her and I had a 3some going on!  Poor Emmett was there bitch!  lollz 

--- End quote ---

Lol I remeber when you posted about that. I was going to let Frankie be but with his size and all the test he had surging I did not think it to be the best idea. He is one of a kind now lol.

I want to get a miniature bull terrier for him to have as a buddy.


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