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Please post any news stories regarding steroids & such. This can include new findings/research as well as information about recent busts (& anything else that deals with gear that you think we might be interested in). I'll regulate this thread heavily so keep comments to a minimum & on subject. Thanks in advance.

this does not affect many of us here in the states. but Illusion labs one of canadas finest ugls was busted.

Im sure alot of you already know about the pacific rim labs bust. some of you may know a guy who goes by krazy K on some open source boards anyway he was PRL's remailer and got busted dealing locally-

The Marshfield man arrested in what Police Chief Joe Stroik says is the largest drug bust in Wood County is now charged.

Police found the drugs at the home of 20-year-old Kyle Bredl on Thursday.

He appeared in court today and is charged with delivery of controlled substances and possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

The judge authorized he be held on a $5000 signature bond.

Bredly is scheduled to make his inital court appearance on January 23.

Between October 2006 and January 11, 2007, authorites say he sold steroids to an undercover officer in Stevens Point three times and once in Marshfield. They say about $10,000 worth of steroids were bought, $6000 of which occurred on January 11.

After his arrest, a box of steroids ready to be shipped outside Wisconsin was found in his vehicle.

His residence at 909 Western Street in Marshfield was then searched. Police there say they found a variety of steroids in liquid, powder and capsule form. They originally estimated the street value of those steroids to be at least $120,000. However, after identifying further bulk substances, they now believe the value may be $250,000.

Packaging and processing materials were also found.

The investigation has been linked to countries including Canada and China, as well as other states.

"He was getting it from quite a distance," says Stoik. "He certainly could have been selling it to anywhere in the United States or further."

Authorities say three search warrants were executed in Missoula, Montana over the weekend. One man was arrested on steroid-related charges.

Some of the anabolic steroids discovered include Methandrostenolone, Stanozolol and Oxymetholone. All three are considered Schedule III drugs and fall under control of the Wisconsin Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

this is after the cops had a little talk with 20yr old krazy K.

Missoula man accused of coordinating steroid ring
Associated Press

MISSOULA, Mont. - A Missoula man has been charged with running a steroid smuggling ring.

**** *** ****, was arrested Sunday after police allegedly found pills, white powder, syringes, glassware, vials and packing material at his home. He has been released on bond pending further court appearances.

Police in Marshfield, Wis., traced the drugs to a Missoula post office box after arresting a 20-year-old Marshfield man who sold steroids to an undercover officer. Their six-month investigation turned up nearly $140,000 worth of anabolic steroids.

All the steroids seized are considered controlled substances that can be obtained only by prescription.

Court documents allege that **** received shipments of anabolic steroid powder from China, then mixed the drugs at his home and shipped the orders to drug dealers across the United States.

Narcotics officers uncovered steroid orders in *****' e-mail containing shipping and payment instructions, court documents said.

The investigation is ongoing, and at least one other person may still be charged, authorities said.

The investigation is being conducted by the Missoula Police Department, the Missoula County Sheriff's Department and the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, all members of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force.

Those kids are in BIG time trouble.  The lure of the cash caused them to do stupid stuff and they probally didn't even realize how serious it is.  If you take the risk to make some big cash illegally expect big trouble.


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