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The Rules:

1.)   DO NOT start threads asking where to get gear (thatís what PMís & email are for).
2.)   DO NOT post where to get gear (again, thatís what PMís & emails are for).
3.)    DO NOT post e-mails or websites of sources (again, thatís what PMís & emails are for).
4.)   No racism or intolerance allowed.
5.)   No flaming (Take that shit to PMís & emails).
6.)   No gossip or discussion of Pro's cycle (Unless in the rare instance they decide to post their own cycle).
7.)   Keep the profanity towards other members to a minimum (i.e. treat others with respect).
8.)   No internet badasses/tuffguys/bullies.
9.)   No natural Bodybuilders slamming gear users without any basis in fact.
10.)   DO NOT bash female bodybuilders (if you wouldn't say it to your wife/girlfriend/mother/sister then don't say it here). They deserve the same respect as their male counterparts.

Note: If you violate the above rules your posts/threads will be deleted. It could also result in your banning from the Hardcore Board for a period of time.

Arnold jr:
Amendment I: promoting a source or specific supplier is not allowed, even insinuation will be frowned upon. First offence will result in a warning - Second offence will result in a ban from the steroid board.

Amendment II: accusing members of dealing and scamming without hard proof will result in a ban

Amendment III: any post that promote or insinuate the promotion of recreational drug use will not be tolerated. All post will be deleted. Talking about these issues is one thing, promoting and talking about "how awesome they are" is quite another.

Amendment IV: claiming that any HGH on earth that is of a generic nature is as good as Human Grade/Pharma Grade will forever result in you being an idiot.

Amendment V: Posting PM's from a member of this board without their consent will result in the post being deleted.

PM's are private for a reason and will remain that way.


Amendment VI: Any member who posts personal information about another member on this board in any fashion or through PM's will result in a ban.

Amendment VII: Any posts in reference to a source board will be deleted.


Princess L:

Even though this topic is locked and has not had activity since '12, the rules have not changed.


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