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Back by popular demand. Go ahead & get weird guys & gals.

wes mantooth:
WTF is going on in here? are some changes being made or what? is arnoldjr still around as a mod?

i dont like the way things are looking.... >:(

We're still around. I think bigjohn logged in & deleted a bunch of threads. Just keep this one going. All will be well - have no fear.

wes mantooth:
 :-\ :-\ :-\

were there any threads to delete???  Bigjohn was a noob when i started posting on this board, well.....whatever. I see he is still a mod, but i havnt seen him post much except for yesterday. of course its been awhile since I've been here.......

board seems like its doing okay to me, need more posts from my bro BIG_O though.


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