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Eventually I may be bald. I hope to delay that for as long as possible but I would still like to get on some hormones. I was thinking anavar and primo cycles. Just wondering if any of guys have been able to delay mpb or at least minimize it while getting benefits from aas.

Nizoral 2% shampoo
No winny no masteron obviously
On paper tren is fine but it makes me shed
Everyone is different, trial and error


--- Quote from: efanhowz on October 14, 2011, 03:24:50 AM ---Nizoral 2% shampoo
No winny no masteron obviously
On paper tren is fine but it makes me shed
Everyone is different, trial and error

--- End quote ---

I guess the only way to know what will affect ME is to go ahead and try different aas. Would it be safe to say that even low dose test (under 400) may affect my hair?

Or is this one of those personal things?


most all steroids increase of oily skin. And oily hair. What does this do? Oil in the hair called sebum which is around the foicle not only thought to produce dht but always has a abdunance of dht. Nizorl anti fungal and cleaning shampoo is made to get rid of sebum. That's how it also works as a anti androgen dht blocker on the scalp. Most don't use it properly for steroid use. Its use on the bottle to leave on during shower is for dandruff control. The japanese study if you googled it was left on over night with amazing results. Almost total regrowth all over along with stopping shedding.

reason to leave it on overnight is it'll stop the sebum from  forming leaving ur hair dht free so it has time to live healthly and regrow..

during daytime if hairloss is sevre use spironlactone cream a dht blocker and total androgen blocker. Anf some emu oil. A dht blocket and increases skin thickness by 2.5 the amount of nornal persons skin.

how does tht help you may ask? Mpb paitents in studies all had very thin skin on the scalp. Not a healthy environment for hair growth and ur hair folcile. Along with much more dht receptors but I won't get into that. So emu oil blocking dht and increasing skin thickness is another angle. Along with emu oil only product proven to increase skin and hair dna sysnthesis by 20 percent. So a proven anti ageing cream as well.

so there I a few angles but many steroid users leaving nizoral on is enuff for stopping hair loss. If you are a sever baldy consider the other products.

much more but I don't wanna be here all night.

take zinc supplement multi vitamin and extra b compex. B vitamins are needed for hair growth and biton is one of them.

bad fats are proven to increase scalp dht.  The american diet has many bald men while pre world war 2 showed chinese n japanese men with no baldess super rare and now there jsust as bad from taking on the american diet.  There's studies on that to google it.

so with all those in factor use deca alone high doses for good gains ull be fine. If you wanna use test add finasteride if you want on cycle. But all those that I mentioned for topicals will always stop hairloss try it ull see.

but deca alone with topicals even test can't fuxk you up with the items I pointed out. Since dht is completly blunted topivally. And remember a protocol without nizoral is pointless. Thts why finasteride on its own never fully works or has good regrowth. Its proven but not talked about how sebeum and oily scalp eith dht goes hand in hand. Block dht and block n keep sebum cleared and hairloss is blocked.

also azelaic acid and zinc xreams block dht. So many pathways and items. Stixk to those basics depends on how prone you are. I've never had ti resort to rogaine or finasteride thank god. Finasteride and its libido doesn't sound to nice the effects. And rogaine has shown  to severely inhibit skin elasticiy many men complain of looking 10 years older after its use.

stick to the topicals without side effwxts is all I can say. Good luck any more questions lemme know.

Holy shit bro, thanks for all the info. I used to use nizoral shampoo but didn't know that leaving it on overnight was a lot better. Did use Rogaine before but it was a pain in the ass to use nightly and I read somewhere that the benefits could be do to the fact that blood flow is increased to the scalp cause of the constant massaging. Didn't notice any ill effects with that though.

Luckily I had really thick hair in my teens otherwise I'd probably be bald now at 30. Definitely thinner now than ever but still not too noticeable. I was thinking about trying spironlactone and finasteride but they affect more than just your scalp which I rather not do.

So I still haven't touched hormones cause I've been afraid of going bald. I used to say that when I lose my hair   I'll juice. I don't wanna wait any longer and I hope I never go bald. but if I do lose my hair I would like it to be naturally cause if it was due to hormones I would really be kicking myself over it. I used to shave my head and I know I get better reactions from women with hair. So I feel more confident with it. God, what a bitch I sound like.

So anyway're saying that high dose of deca with nizoral I should be good. Also what dose do you recommend??

I'm 5'9 203lbs right now 15% bf

gonna bring that down 10% bf or less around 190 before I do anything.

Also is there a way to tell if a specific hormone is affecting your hair other than actually seeing it fall out more than usual?


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