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Back to training+cycle after almost year off training due to opiate addiction.


Hey all,

Been a while since i've posted because I was dealing with a crippling addiction to painkillers (really high amounts of oxycodone) but ive overcome that now thankfully, completely drug free (rec. drugs + never been a drinker anyways). Opiates was ALWAYS my issue. Clean now and back to rebuilding life. My first workout back was last week 15th May.

Cycle is as follows:
-2 injections a week. Monday and Thursday. Each injection is 1ml sus + 1ml tren ace.
-1 anadrol 50 per day. Generally taken before training. Using pink capsule British Dragon anadrol 50.

Started last week Wednesday. Weighed myself after tonight's workout. I'm up around 5-6kg. I know majority is going to be water weight. Weighed in at 92kg. When im 100% clean and dedicated to nothing but training, i sit around 99kg lean. Hoping to get back to that. I know itll come quick due to muscle memory etc. Lowest i got to in the peak of my addiction was around 81 82kg.


1.Was thinking after 2 weeks to increase to 2 anadrol 50 per day. Should I or should I just leave it at 1.

2.I have anavar. Should i throw this in the mix if i start to bloat too much?

3.I have EQ. Should I add this in at some point or no..? And if i do add it, what, if anything results wise can I expect off of 2ml a week of EQ.

Thanks all,


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