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Craig Titus gets the full sentence - was turned down today

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Titus tried to get his sentence reduced and was turned down today.  He will serve the whole sentence of 21 years.  Couldn't have happened any better.

Karl Kox:
he could have and should have gotten life.  I bet he dies in jail

#1 Klaus fan:
Thatīs a long ass time, but good since he is a murdering bastard.

gracie bjj:
hell be fairly old when he gets out,what a shame man,the guy could be in his nice home now chillin out with his girl,but instead hes rotting away in some jail cell.the decisions we make everyday are important,one wrong decision or reaction can cause you to lose everything including your freedom in a blink of an me,ive made a few bad decisions in my younger days and once its done its done,regret is a bitch



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