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The effects of different rep ranges

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Interesting...I always try to mix up rep ranges etc.

Back in the 80's when I was attending high school, there was a world champion powerlifter named Tom Magee that would come to our school in Calgary to teach strength training to our football team. At the time he had personal bests of 860lbs in the squat and 573lbs in the bench.  He was built like a brick.  6'5 and 300lbs, and he was lean and ripped.  Just a huge physical specimen.  His recommendations for building strength were rather simple:  pick 3-4 exercises for each bodypart.  First set is done with a light weight lifted at a very slow speed.  Second set is done with a medium weight lifted at medium speed.  Third set is done with a heavy weight lifted at fast speed.  When you get to the heavy sets you will find it difficult to lift heavy weights fast, but after a period of time you will gain enough explosive power to be able to do just that.  Our entire football team followed his advice the first year and sure enough, and every player on our team showed considerable improvements in strength and overall power in a relatively short period of time.  I highly recommend you give it a try.  One of the bonuses of growing up in Calgary in the 80's was that a lot of big named strongman would come to town and try their hand at wrestling with Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling, which was big thing at the time.  You'd routinely see legends like Ted Arcidi, Bill Kazmaier as well as all the other wrestling legends that honed their skills in Stampede Wrestling before going off to the WWE.  The good old days.

Tom Magee

i'm not even gonna read this bullshit, but say: whatever effect rep ranges have is negligible. all drugs diet as always.


--- Quote from: WOOO on June 28, 2009, 06:21:35 AM ---this is old news to a degree... most bodybuilders will naturally pyramid up the weight they are using and reduce the number of reps per set in their workouts...
bench 135 x 15
         185 x 12
         225 x 10
         275 x 8

this style of lifting allows for optimal recruitment of both muscle fiber types IMO... direct targetting of one fiber group (using HITT or DC or whatever) seems short-sighted...

--- End quote ---

It IS not that simple. 135x15 is clearly not a set to failure, it is more like a warmup. What would the rep-scheme look like if all sets were to failure? For me, there would be far less difference in weight between the sets: Hypothetically, but based on rough estimates:


But you need to factor in the rest time as well. There is a huge difference between 1 minute and 3 minutes.

My guess is that in order to truly affect metabolic vs neural factors differentially, it would be better to go all out on the first working set of all exercises, but vary the weigh on different exercises/days.


higher reps for slow twitch . like soleus lower reps for fast twitch like gastrocnemius. calves. lower than five for strentgh . between six and 15 for hypertrophy.


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