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M2 Pictures working on a new documentary on Craig Titus



Look like there is still interest in what happened, and the whole story on Titus & Ryan.   A number of people were contacted by Ben Sessoms, Jr., on M2 Pictures, who is working on a documentary on Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan.  It will be interesting to see if he comes up with any more or new information, or another aspect of the whole incident and case.

It will be shown in a future date on the Discovery Channel - Investigate.

I'd like to see that if it was put together well.

That episode of 48 Hours on CBS was decent, but one hour is no way near long enough to get into all the details of what happened.

For any doc to do it justice, well, I think it would need to be a minimum of two hours. And that's without commercials. So you're talking a two and half to three hour made for TV documentary if they want to do it right.

Saw the AE,investigative discovery show last night for the first those two are fuckin idiots ::)

Yeah i seen it too, i can't believe he told that chic that he knows how to choke someone to death, or these arms can choke someone to death, however he put it, what a fool.
And Kelly brings that her in the closet to say that girl is gone and not coming back.....

they were begging to get caught....


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