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Lonnie Teper's age

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Joe Roark:
Ron, may I ask the source for you indicating that Lonnie Teper was born in 1963?
Lonnie declined to provide me with the year of his birth, but, my hunch is that it may have been a few years before 1963.

michael arvilla:
rotf!!........................ .... teper is older than 42


I  think Lonnie Teper is 52 years old, born in 1954.   


Double XL:
1954.....that would make lonnie 50 or 51.

Joe Roark:

--- Quote from: Ron on November 21, 2005, 01:38:12 PM ---
Lonnie Teper is 52 old, born in 1954, I think.   


--- End quote ---

You think? What is your source, please? He wrote for Sports Fitness in the April 1985 issue, so he began writing at age 21? If I were a guessing man, I would say a date of birth in the 1940s. ;D


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