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Andre Nickatina:
HAAHAH dude those bitches are rowdy


no ass, boobs............. wtf!

do you train?

Andre Nickatina:

--- Quote from: Xerxes on February 24, 2007, 11:32:53 AM ---1) MONSTER blue walls!

2) EPIC cheap mismatched furniture.  A college apartment I'm assuming?

- Not my place.

3) Even though you're the only one in the pic not wearing panty-hose, you're still the most feminine looking.

 ;) Sorry I dont go both ways. Try someone else.

4) Does the girl to your left know how st00pid she looks trying to flash gang signs?

It's also a peace sign.

5) The one smoking the cigarette looks the drunkest.   Did you at least fucck her before she passed out and/or puked?

Hahaha.  ;D

6) With your physique, why do you post on a BB board?

- Because it is fun.

Now after this, I assume you will show us better pics? Of you slowly wanking yourself to an early grave?  ::)

--- End quote ---
Dude those are beer sluts, they dont count as human beings. just things men put their dicks in.  That being said.... i wouldnt fuck those creepy hoes.

nice pic.


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