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(WrestleMania) BACKLASH - Not quite so Stupendous??

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Basically, slapping the name "WrestleMania" to something doesn't make it such. Most of the matches are rematches from the big show last month.

Drew McIntyre and RK-BRO (Raw Tag Team Champions) vs. The Bloodline (Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Smackdown Tag Champions, the Usos) - This was supposed to be the unification match for the tag titles. Somehow, it became a six-man tag. My guess was that somehow they would put Reigns' title(s) on the line in this match as well, since we got snookered out of a Reigns-Nakamura title match. Plus I suspected that the Tribal Chief isn't quite healthy from the Beast's separating his shoulder at 'Mania.

UPSET SPECIAL!! Reigns hasn't been pinned or made to submit in over two years. So, McIntyre will get the 1-2-3 and made #1 contender.

Seth "Freakin' " Rollins vs. "The American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes - It appears this match will be first. Rollins claims his loss was due to the element of surprise, not knowing (wink, wink  ;D ) who his opponent is. This match was THE highlight of night one of 'Mania...some argue the highlight of both night! Sequels rarely live up to the hype. But, to keep Rhodes' comeback hot on his quest to win the world title for dear old Dusty, Rhodes gets the 1-2-3 again.

Edge vs. AJ Styles (Damian Priest barred from ringside) - Arguably the highlight of night 2 of 'Mania, again the sequel will be hard to beat the original. "Judgment Day", as Edge and Priest are calling themselves are looking to build. But, factions take three and some feel that third member will be a floundering Finn Balor, who hasn't quite been himself since that goofy loss (as the Demon) to Reigns at Extreme Rules. I think either Edge gets another win or AJ gets a DQ finish.

"The Almighty" Bobby Lashley vs. Omos (w/MVP) - Jim Cornette mercifully wanted this to be over after WM38. But, the only shocker of the RAW after WrestleMania was MVP turning on Lashley, after congratulating him on handing Omos his first loss. Now, we'll see if Omos isn't quite as clumsy as he was a month ago. I guess I'll go with King Kong 2.0, now that he has a manager.

Smackdown Women's Championship ("I Quit" Match): Charlotte Flair (c) vs. "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey - Rousey can't keep jobbing too much longer and keep her value. So, I think she gets the nod and the blue belt.

Baron "Happy" Corbin vs. Madcap Moss - Corbin suffered his first loss, with his new gimmick, to Drew McIntyre and he blames it all on his sidekick. I don't know whether it's due to McIntyre's nearly killing him in Saudi Arabia by bouncing him on his head, but Moss seems to be getting much love, as of late. Perhaps, he's getting the push that was supposed to come with winning the ultimate participation trophy (ATG Battle Royal). I'll go with Moss for the win.

First up, Rhodes and Rollins. Rollins had the match early. But Rhodes has rallied, including hitting Rollins with a bounce-of-the-ropes RKO, called a "Cody-Cutter".

A missed Phoenix splash and a super kick to the mouth and that nearly ended it for Rollins. Rollins went for a pedigree; Rhodes reverses and goes for a pedigree; lots of spins, two forearms and a missed stomp attempt. Rhodes goes to the top but gets caught. Rollins gets a superplex but when he tries a "Falcon's arrow", he gets nailed with "Cross-Rhodes" but he cinches Rollins too hard and Rollins' foot is on the ropes.

The Nightmare misses a moonsault and gets pedigreed....but no three count for the Visionary. Rhodes is "hulking up" while Rollins is punching him. He imitates Dusty Rhodes only for Cody to get the counter. Then two attempts at a "Cross-Rhodes" get countered. Rhodes tries some weird backbreaker move from which Rollins escapes. He rolls up Rhodes and pulls the tights. Rhodes counters with a roll-up, pulls the tights and GETS THE THREE COUNT!!!!

It's cheap!! but, it's a win.

From a near-classic to a match that won't be anywhere near a classic, Omos and Lashley.

Omos is selling far more of Lashley's offense than last time. But, one distraction from MVP and the Nigerian giant is back on top. What's this? SNAKE EYES!!! Off the ropes....big boot? Diesel, Undertaker, eat your heart out!!

Another scoop slam attempt but Lashely escapes and it's lots of fists to the head and shoulders to the gut. The Almight is wearing the big man down. What's this? Now Omos does an Andre spot and gets tied in the ropes!!!

Now Lashley goes after MVP and starts to pound him. But Omos squishes his head from inside the ring. Lashley yanks the arm across the top rope, gets back inside the ring and hit the giant with a dropkick to the right leg. With Omos down to one knee, Lashley nails a face buster and.....PUTS THE HURT-LOCK on Omos, while Omos is on one knee. The Colossus almost goes out, until he gets back to his feet and squishes the Almighty in the corner.

More offense from Lashley. For some stupid reason, he goes for a suplex. Omos escapes bounces off the ropes and does the worst hop into a belly/choke slam. The Almighty goes for the spear, get kneed in the head, and chucked into the post. With the ref backing up Omos, MVP hits his former colleague with the cane. One, choke bomb later, the Colossus avenges his WM loss.

Now, well one rematch wasn't as good. The other was (it couldn't have been much worse). Now, it's Styles and Edge.

Edge keeps targeting the shoulders and keeping Styles from most of his offense. Edge is also trying to undo the second turnbuckle.

Styles hits a Pele kick and has Edge reeling. Styles went for the calf crusher but with only one arm, he can't keep Edge from getting to the ropes.

Edge rips off the buckle, by being suplexed by Styles. Another spear attempt ends up the post. A roll up but no three for Styles. Styles tries another move and gets speared but still no three count. Yet another spear gets Edge kneed in the face. Styles hangs him on the ropes and hits the Styles clash. But, still there's no pin. Edge can't hit the phenomenal forearm; so he goes to the top rope. Priest shows up but he's only halfway down the walkway, not at "ringside".

Balor shows up and beats up Priest. Styles is poised to hit Edge, when someone dressed in all black grabs his arm and yanks him down across the ropes. Edge locks in the Crippler Crossface. When Styles goes for the ropes, Edge changes the crossfire into a sleeper and out goes the Phenomenal one. The hooded one enters the ring and kneels before Edge and it's.......RHEA RIPLEY?????

Well, there's your third member of "Judgment Day".


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