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NBA Finals ratings down 20%!

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Camel Jockey:
Despite King James making it to the Finals..

The Spurs are to blame. They are fucking boring an nobody gives a flying fuck about them.

I was glued to the tv last year as D-Wade dominated the Mavs, but I can't bear to watch this year's garbage(Spurs).

Yeah, i could give two fucks about this series.  the warrior were more fun to watch than either of these teams by a long shot.  the warriors are what the NBA needs, not the boring spurs and boring cavs.

nobody is watching because everybody knew after the spurs defeated the suns that they would win it all


Dos Equis:
I'm watching.  The Spurs are great.  Much better than the Miami Heat with D-Whistle.  (Miami was the worst NBA champion I've ever seen.)  The problem isn't the Spurs, it's the Cavs, who stink.   


It's not that they're boring, it's that the entire playoffs were rigged.

Who wants to watch that?


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