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I'm like Max I read something and it joggles my mind so it brings back a memory.  I have a Benny Podda story I will tell later cause he is an asshole.  Anyway I have one with Don Ross.  We did a Gillete commercial for Puerto Rico.  It was for the new razor Gillette Probak II.  We were wrestlers and in the locker room shaving.  The razors we were using weren't working good and we would grab one then braks it while growling and gettin pissed off.  Finally we pick up the new Gillette Probak II.  It was awesome it shaved us so close and so smooth that we get so into it and excited we shave our heads.  We originally was going to so us actually shaving our heads but Don and the other guys head kept bleeding on camera.  Their heads were so fucked up from scars adn stuff.  My head was nice and smooth.  Even the makeup artist said it was perfect.  In fact the makeup artist was one of the original Mouseketeers.  I can't remeber his name but he shaved "Bulls" head on Night Court too.  Anyway, we shaved our heads just before lunch.  But me and Don were going to go outside for awhile and we had themn shave only parts of it and in weird patterns.  We looked like crazy guys.  I remember that the lunch they had for us was just some snacks.  If you knew Don Ross he was a crazy nut.  He went ballastic and said he will not finish the shoot unless we got steak.  the director was so afraid he asked me to calm Don down and I said man HE is crazy you better get us steaks.  So they did.  The pic is of me after my shaved head.  I have another great Don Ross story up later.  He was a nut.  Anyone else know who he was.  he was a pretty popular writer and he had the "Alien" on his arm.

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Don Ross used to carry a picture of a chicks p***y in his wallet and whenever he suspected someone was gay he'd flash it at them like you flash a cross at a vampire. He'd say this is my "anti-shmevick" potion get away shmevik (his word for gay)! He was such a goof. He started hangin at Ray's gym just before I left.

Benny was not an asshole... he just got tired of being around Ray.

The Ripper in action.................. .

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i can tell a story about titus. back in 95 or 96 when he still lived in houston he was working out at the same gym as i. this hot i mean hot blonde came up to him and asked if he was a pro bber and said he looked real good. he said "im working out leave me the fuck alone!!!" the girl walked off really fast.


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what are you talking about, hes training no time for talk, plus he (back in the day) could pick and choose as he pleased.

Great stories guys


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