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Winter,s coming in the North East. Best Mood enhancer,s

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I heard you an123, I also live in Canada, Ontario to be more clear. Winter is coming and the best thing about it is snowboarding. Fuck ya! Mont treblac here I come. But for mood enchancers I would go with GABA which is a mood enchancer, well at least it was, I rechecked at to see which it does and now it isn't labelled as a mood enchancer which is queer. Fuck it you need to enchancer you moods each day just get laid.

Yea Winter is coming.  It got down to 82 today.  Shit I'm freezing

DHEA is a mood enhancer too, but you don't wanna take it till you're in your early thirties.


--- Quote from: onlyme on October 15, 2005, 12:27:55 AM ---Yea Winter is coming.  It got down to 82 today.  Shit I'm freezing

--- End quote ---

haha i know, but it always comes out of nowhere!  Like, on tuesday, 75 degrees, by thursday its snowing  :D.

Anyway that's a really good idea, vitamin D, i always get really really depressed in the winter.

Do what I did...move to vegas!

or you can try tyrosine-3 grams a few times a day.  St. Johns Wart is also a good one to try.


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