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I was just wondering if anyone could let me know what the best protein or supplements there are out there to take, I've tried heaps but just want to know what other people think. The thermagenic stuff is the worst as it gives me the shits all day.

Thanks guys

get a good blended protein powder (milk,egg, whey) for regular use and a whey isolate/hyrdolosate blend with malto/dextro and glute peptides for post workout.

daily vitamin pack, extra c, efa's.

proteins: Yates Pro Peptide, Muscle Link Pro Fusion, Biotest Low Carb Grow,
Pro Complex, Optimum Nutrition

post workout: Muscle Link Recover X, Beverly Mass Maker

stick with solid companies.

My standards -

Vit. Shoppe - Men's formula multi
any brand Vit. C - 3 grms/day
Vit. Shoppe or NOW Fish oil
Metamucil - 10gms per day.

Optimum Gold Standard Whey or Scivation WPI

any mainstream creatine (except Muscletech).
I'm also using Cellmass CEE right now, it seems to work well, better than mono for me because I'm a non-responder, but its overpriced as hell. You can find bulk CEE for cheap on the web now, try

Personally I'd stay away from malto dextrin, post workout or otherwise. If you have to have a post-workout sugar, I would vote for dextrose powder.

Cell Basics:  Made up of large and small proteins.  7+Grams L-Glut.  Reduced Cortisol.  Chocolate and Orange are amazing in water or milk.

A nice whey shake 30 min. preworkout will do wonders.
Add a few carbs pre/during workout.

Stay away from the glutamine, this has no value in BBing.
If you're going to add anything, go BCAAs, these decrease protein breakdown.


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