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--- Quote from: The ChemistV2 on June 05, 2009, 01:46:13 PM ---You know your stuff, Mr. Lax.

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I hail to you
My Floridian friend


--- Quote from: onlyme on November 29, 2005, 01:21:57 AM ---Okay one that involves former strongman, UFC fighter and now politician Tony Halme.  I think I told this one so sorry if a repeat.  I will try to keep it short.  A friend of ours had a t-shirt design compnay in LA.  I get a call from him to come to his office.  I get there and he comes out to meet me with a black eye.  I ask him what happened and he tells me.  He apparently designed and made some golf shirts for a car dealership in Las Vegas for there annual Golf event. 

While he is telling me this I notice a hole in hs wall in the office.  Apparently the car dealership still operates like in the old days and sent out a hit man to rough up my friend.  He put his head through the wall and hit him a few times.  On top of that my friend said he was about 60 years old but very big.

Anyway, my friend put together all these shirts (about 3 or 4 dozen) and sent them to the dealership.  Well they said they were wrong and wanted them done over.  Now mind you no payment has been made yet and the design was signed off on the order he showed me.  But, it appeared they made a change when they say them and wanted them done over with the changes.  Well my friend said no problem but that the ad to pay for those since they ordered them and approved them.  They said no so my friend said no to ding anymore work before getting paid for these.  The total bill was around a grand I think.

Anyway, he want to pay me and Tony to go to Vegas and tell this guy never come back to see my friend.  So, me and Tony drove to Vegas.  Now we get there (the place is called Falconi Honda) and we are standing in the entrance looking around.  Now Tony is very mean looking with a shaved head and an arrow shaved in it, tattoos and is about 6'4" 330 lbs with a very heavy Arnold type accent.  I am small at 6'1" about 300 lbs.

This guys comes up and asks us if he can help us I say yea we're looking for Mr. Falconi.  He points over to one of those cubicle offices spaces.  We start heading over there.  There is this guy behind the desk.  Tony asks Are you Falconi? (remeber in a heavy Arnold accent) he says yes I can help you after I am done with these folks.  Tony says you are done with them now.  He then grabs the girl and guys and tells them to go outside and wait.  The guy stand up from behind the desk and before he can say anything Tony shoves him back in his seat.  Nw I am standing in the opening making sure no one comes in.  One guy comes over and asks if there is a problem.  I say something like Not yet gett outta here.  Well now Tony has his hands on this guy and he says who are you guys.  Tony says none of your business all you need to knwo is if you come or send anyone else to LA to see Jerry we will come back to see you.  All this time Tony is on the side of the desk with this guy with a handful of shirt.  The guy is shitting.  Anyway, Tony asked if he understood and he said yea.  He also said something like do you know who I am. Then I say.  Yea you are some small time mob fuck who has nothing better to do than beat up a guy for some shirts.  Is the mob business that slow.  Then Tony said remember what I say.  Don't come back. 

So on the way out I notice a hottie is working behind the frnt desk.  I ask her for her phone number before Tony grabs me and says lets go.  So I had to leave empty handed.  And nothing else ever came of this incident.  Anyway, that was a small part of my experience with the mob.  I have one more that involves allot of REAL mobsters at the Rio and Pete G and Stunt.  That is a funny story.  Later

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and 5 years after you post this Tony shoots himself in the head.. He looked like a big bastard in the photos.. so how come he couldnt defend himself atainst the 60yr old? was the 60yr old Huuuuge? because Halme is 6"4 and almost 300? I just cant understand how he couldnt defend himself..


--- Quote from: onlyme on November 22, 2005, 09:29:43 PM ---I was at the gym today and a guy was visitng from Vegas.  We started talking and he ended up knowing my uncle who was considered a "Whale" in Vegas back in the 80's and early 90's.  His secretary would tell me he would spend (or lose) between $300,000 or $400,000 a month in Vegas.  He had his own beuatiful British Hawker Jet that we would fly there and Reno. 

Well everytime I start talking about Vegas I always have to bring up my stories that I had when I was with my uncle.  So this thread I will be telling some unreal stories about my times in Vegas. Some of them are unreal.  Some of my most unbelievable times I ever had were in Vegas and with my Uncle.  Some of these stories are ones you only dream about. 

So, this thread is for everyone to share their Vegas stories.  Stuntmovie has a million of them too since he has been going there since the 60's.

So everyone share your stories whether it was when you went to the Olympia or just the night to gamble.  What happens in Vegas doesn't have too can share it with us.  I will be back tonight for my intro story

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That reminds me, I need to brush up on my poker skills again.


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