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There are a lot of Annie fans on this board, myself included, so I figured I would take the initiative and start a thread dedicated to her.  Annie is one of my favorite IFBB Pros on the scene these days.   8)

Annie is a really really nice person and wonderful contributor to FBB.  She is a bodybuilder, powerlifter, and photographer. 

Here's a little info about Annie, courtesy of Andy Vogel at AMG Lite:
I began weight training/bodybuilding in 1986 at the age of 24. I entered my first bodybuilding competition in 1988 and won 1st place. After a qualifying contest in 1989, I started competing in National bodybuilding contests. I have competed every year since then and have consistantly placed in the top 5 in my weight division. In November 2003 I have won the Heavyweight and the Overall in the NPC Nationals in Miami (earned my pro card)!

I have also competed in Olympic Weightlifting, and have placed in National and local competitions. I had the good opportunity to be coached by John Coffee who has coached many National champions and Olympic Team competitors.

In addition to these 'sanctioned' sports, I have competed several times in the Women's Extravaganza Strength Show; in 2002 I won the event.

I began Powerlifting in 2003. I am currently lifting at the North Georgia Barbell Club. I competed in Powerlifting for the first time at the Master's Nationals and then at Senior Nationals. I had a great time lifting in the company of excellent female Powerlifters such as Becca Swanson, Jill Mills and Kara Bohigian, just to name a few.

A little about my training......
When I first started training back in 1986 I did what everyone else does when they begin...a little circuit training, one set of each exercise. Well, I started getting muscles from just that! Trainers at the gym started showing me the bodybuilding magazines and it motivated me to do more. About a year and a half later I had enough muscle to enter my first contest.
Now, I train anywhere from 4 days a week to 7 days a week depending on whether there's a contest or not. I always train hard, heavy and intensely and never take breaks or time off from training. I actually look forward to my workouts every day and enjoy every minute of it!

Other Interests.......
The Bodybuilding and Powerlifting keep me very busy so I don't have time for too much else.....except for my animals!
I love animals and I have lots of them....horses, cats, a dog, chickens, goats and some parakeets and goldfish too! I also enjoy the wildlife around my house and I get to see deer, wild turkey, turtles and lizards and all kinds of birds and other animals.

So many great pics out there... I will get things started.  :)

Annie has one of the most impressive upper bodies I have seen on a FBB  :o


--- Quote from: ripitupbaby on July 02, 2008, 08:12:39 AM ---Annie has one of the most impressive upper bodies I have seen on a FBB  :o

--- End quote ---



--- Quote from: ripitupbaby on July 02, 2008, 08:12:39 AM ---Annie has one of the most impressive upper bodies I have seen on a FBB  :o

--- End quote ---

Cool thread Rip baby!

Agree Annie has such nice shape, her back is great, very thick lats.  Her front dbl bicep should be inspiration to you for hitting the back!

I say this is sticky worthy.  Votes?


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