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Training protocols: HIT/HST/Max-OT/DC/GVT/Volume links inside + Excersise

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I thought I would collect links to different training protocols and put it here for everyone interested in trying them out.

I'll keep this a living thread, and add links as we go along.

(Please note that the supplement company AST is behind this protocol, and thus it has its fair share of supplement marketing)
Here's a link to the complete protocol, without having to sign up...


Basic Splits:

Conjugate splits/high frequency training:

HST (Hypertrophy Specific Training):

HIT (High Intensity Training):

Extreme Stretching (to go along with DC):

Dual Factor Hypertrophy Training (DFHT)

Westside Training:

German Volume Training (GVT)

Tri Phase Progressive Training (TP PT):

Abbreviated Training:

Russian Training

Bulgarian Training

Undulated Periodization - Variable Repitition Training

Bulgarian Weightlifting Training

Power Reps Shock:

Cardio protocols:


Which program is the best for hardgainers (natural) looking to gain strength and mass?

HST and Max-OT are said to work for anyone. I like the looks of both of the programs and will start Max-OT on Monday. I just chose it because I like the rep/set scheme and there is no "planning" neccessary. Its all laid out. I would say HST is more for experienced lifters because its a little more complex. But, IMO you cant go wrong with either.


P.S. I will be testing HST after a few cycles through Max-OT to campare which is better for me.

Good luck dude.

I favor HIT/Heavy Duty. More time efficient, more recovery time. I never grew training more than 3 days a week- 4 at the most for a few weeks only. HST would be my second choice, the other is too many lifting days a week for me, no time to recover the whole system.


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