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How many times a week do you blow your load?

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Walter Sobchak:

--- Quote from: Army of One on September 30, 2020, 04:59:33 PM ---I usually average somewhere around 4-6 times per week.Have tried stretches for up to 3 weeks with no orgasms but by day 8 or so even 200 pound 50yr old hambeasts in lycra start looking good.Anymore than once a day and I feel like too much life force gets drained, too lazy for the gym etc.

--- End quote ---

So 4-6 loads out and 10-12 loads tossed into you...makes you about plus 6 loads for the week?


Rusty Trombone:
Approximately once every 12 weeks this year....

I use the mentzer/high intensity approach for all body parts.

1 24 hour crystal meth fuelled porn binge and then I give it 2-4 weeks until I hit my penis again

Humble Narcissist:
That is a very personal question. :-[


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