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CNN: Bush Is ‘Very Seriously’ Considering Sending More Troops To Iraq

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CNN’s John King reported this afternoon that President Bush is planning a “substantial policy shift” on Iraq and is “very seriously considering…agreeing with Sen. John McCain and increasing U.S. troop levels in the short-term.”

King said the White House has postponed the announcement of the policy shift to January because Bush “has asked for more advice about” how he could send 20,000 additional U.S. troops to Iraq, and administration officials “need more time to put all that on the table.”

King said the White House sees a political benefit to delaying the announcement. “If you are going to disagree with the Iraq Study Group and not accept its major recommendations, then let some time go by, let the American people forget about that a little bit” and “buy some time for critics” to attack the ISG.

What the hell is 20,000 more troops going to do? We probably need 300,000 troops minimum.

The Generals are asking for more equipment for the Iraqi military.
It all shouldn't fall to the US military to contiue to keep "peace".  The whole point was to get the country up and on it's feet.
  The outgoing General Chiarelli says that getting the, school, electricity, etc will go along with helping cut down on some of the insurgent violence.
Makes sense.

By the way, where would these additional troops come from?

Dos Equis:

--- Quote from: muscleforlife on December 13, 2006, 08:42:42 AM ---
By the way, where would these additional troops come from?

--- End quote ---

Good question.  We are really thin. 

Straw Man:
Frankly, I think we have no choice but to send more troops.  I don't think it will help much but that is what they will try next. 

The time to have sent more troops would have been in the beginning.  We didn't do it right from planning to execution and now it's our problem to fix.  Leaving now would make matters much worse.

Let's face it - the Sunni's and Shia have been fighting for 1300 years. 

We (our current administration) totally ignored this reality.

Besides, the  Bush Crime Family is beholden to their Saudi overlords:


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