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Cheney, today's sendoff: "Rumsfeld finest defense secretary in US history"

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--- Quote from: Cavalier22 on December 16, 2006, 05:01:07 PM ---i cant believe he said that.

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That puts the sanity of Cheney in question.



--- Quote from: Hedgehog on December 17, 2006, 05:26:20 AM ---That puts the sanity of Cheney in question.


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They're very close friends; Rummy hired Chaney decades ago. A shame Rummy wasn't on that Quail shoot. ;D

Straw Man:
because Bush is a pathological liar.  Almost everything he says is doublespeak and usually means the exact oppostite of what he's actually saying. 

Straw Man:
Maybe they realize that this is just standard operating procedure from the neo-con playbook.

Straw Man:
yes, they are doing it to protect us.  Notice how Bush/Cheney et al. always mention that we're going to get "hit again" (Cheney seems to love the phrase "mass death") and we can only depend on them to protect us.  That seems to work on alot of people.


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